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The demands on school employees have never been so overwhelming, the need for safe, supportive and stable learning environments has never been so crucial, the impact of unprecedented stress on school employees has never been so devastating. Schools have been asked to provide ever increasing support to their students and communities. The demand on schools goes way beyond teaching to the standardized testing, they have been immersed in assisting their students recovering two years of lost social emotional learning, and the long-term impact of COVID interrupted learning. Yet the ones providing the environment for this learning, and the ones teaching have themselves been left to deal with their own increased stressors often alone. The School Employee Supportive Services Program offers support to school employees directly, discretely, and timely.

How It Works:
  • Integrated School Services staff present to the district and assist in marketing the program to the district employees.
  • The school district gets a unique link to the Integrated School Services Website.
  • The ISS website allows the school employee access to several tele-medicine clinicians and their profiles.
  • The employee selects the clinician of their liking and can then schedule right online for a brief tele-health psychotherapeutic consultation.
  • The employee can access services, on their time, in their car, on their lunch time, some districts allow teachers to use some planning time to get support as needed.
  • The employee, utilizing their health insurance – or as supported by the district, gets up to 3 assessment, linkage, referral and integrated short term treatment sessions right online.
  • If more sessions are needed, the employee can be referred for further care within Integrated Care Concepts or a provider located closer to the employee.
  • Integrated Care Concepts has 5 prescribers, 70 clinicians, and 10 mind body therapists, numerous group therapy options, an adolescent IOP/PHP program, substance use specialists, and a comprehensive list of services to support the employee’s needs.
  • Each district customizes how the program is presented. Some districts pay for the employee’s copays up to 3 sessions, some districts have the employee use their insurance without district.
  • There is a program development fee based on the size of the district based on the number of employees. This fee allows ICCC to reserve clinician availability in support of the program.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been meaning to message you and just say thank you. That was the most meaningful professional day that I've had. I learned so much that I can apply to my professional life and my personal life. I believe it is important to let people know when they are making a difference. Thank you again.
Integrated Care Concepts has been an instrumental addition to the services provided in the Long Branch Public Schools. They provide additional support to our students and families that require a higher level of Mental Health services.
Integrated Care Concepts has been influential in meeting the needs of our bilingual community. Portuguese and Spanish Clinicians haven been providing Mental Health services in the Middle School and High School.
ICCC's trauma informed approach to counseling and education has helped our students, parents, and staff. In addition, my teams have utilized their PHP program for students that need a higher level of care.
I have had the great opportunity to work with the team at Integrated Care Concepts for over a year now. As a district administrator, I have seen a tremendous increase in the mental health needs of our students. Partnering with Integrated Care Concepts allowed me to open up more opportunities to have student's needs met.
Our school counseling department worked with the folks at ICCC to weave them into the fabric of our school building. They provided services such as professional development for our staff. They have provided individual counseling, group counseling, art therapy, mind/body practices for our students, and a parent education series for families.
Keyport Public Schools has established a partnership with Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation. Social emotional services are provided to our Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III students. Services are inclusive of group and individual therapy. In addition we are in year two of our parent series. Quarterly evenings have provided parents support in navigating in shifting from "Trauma Brain to Learning Brain", Integrated has also worked with Keyport to provide an EAP (Employee Assistance Program).
~ Dr. Lisa Savoia, Superintendent Keyport Public Schools
COVID-19 has truly impacted the entire school community and as reading makes all things possible for students, a strong social emotional foundation supports both academic and emotional growth. We are proud to work collaboratively with Integrated in essentially building a school based services model in the district.
The staff really enjoyed the training and are looking forward to our next professional development session with Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation.
The ACEs Training was a great reminder with tons of information to emphasize how much students are struggling and we sometimes do not realize that. Larry stressed the importance of creating a connection with students because once you have created a connection, anything is possible.
Working with the ICCC team has been easy and seamless.
It’s been a wonderful yearlong partnership between The Source at Red Bank Regional and Integrated Care Concepts and Consultations Integrated School Services. The students have developed a great relationship with the ICCC therapist. She meets with insured students during their school day, avoiding conflicts with their after school schedules.
We look forward to continuing our partnership and expanding the number of counselors in the future!
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